Strategic Sales


Montego Minerals has taken a portion of our Funds full-cycle in just under 5 years, providing substantial returns to clients! While 73-93% of the portfolios remains in tact, when assets show strong growth opportunity, we secure that for our investors. Montego Minerals can achieve divestments like these through on going active management practices , in-house master petroleum engineering experience , and more than six decades of community networks in both the acquisitions and divestment channels of the Permian Basin and other prolific shale formations across the United States. We consistently evaluate and monitor assets across all prior portfolios with the goal of achieving meaningful appreciation in our client’s invested principle. Value appreciation does not solely come from the development of new wells directly on our properties. We can achieve strategic sales, as seen below, through monitoring surrounding activity, production reports, and permit filing activity that substantiate increases in property values and eventual divestment initiatives.