Our Strategy

Our Purchasing Strategy

We identify and acquire legacy mineral and royalty assets in underdeveloped oil and gas fields that have substantial new drilling potential.

We research areas that have multiple geologic pay zones which were once thought impossible to access but have been proven economically productive through the implementation of new technologies such as hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and horizontal drilling.

We acquire minerals in areas where there is active drilling and there are many wells yet to be drilled. The drilling of new wells tends to increase the value of the minerals over time.

We focus on the Midland Basin and the East Texas Natural Gas Fields.

The Midland Basin is an oil rich basin with vertical wells that have been producing for over 50 years. Recently, operators have accessed new geological pay zones through horizontal drilling and fracturing, and these zones have produced beyond what geologists thought possible only a few years ago.

The East Texas Basin also has multiple geological pay zones, including the liquids-rich gas produced by vertical wells from the Cotton Valley formation, as well as horizontal wells that produce from the Haynesville’ Shale.